Making Money While You Travel

Stories are universally intriguing, this is why writers with great creativity and visualization in their works often have a great following for their books. Today, you could write stories from your experiences in the form of a blog. If you’re a frequent traveller, you could make money passively by starting your own website and putting up a photo and diary blog of your journeys.

A documentary is also a story in itself based on hard facts, and when you travel, those are hard facts, especially if you are not the only individual who had travelled to a specific location, or place. A travel blog also challenges other travellers to see if the blog’s information is also true. Once proven, many readers will be reliant on the information you provide in your blog.

If you gain fame as a travel writer or photoblogger, advertisers will start asking you to go to certain destinations on their own expense. Should they ask to advertise on your website, you could also charge them a fee for such. This is how you make money.

By developing your personal brand online, you can gain a passive work that you can enjoy, including all its fringe benefits, such as discounted, or even free, trips and travels to many parts of the world.

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Technology’s Impact on Mankind Today

During the Cold War between the United States and the Soviets, communications technology improved because both sides needed to relay information without enemy interception, disruption, and with speed. The United States developed a centralized information network in the form of the ARPA network, which soon evolved into the internet during the 1980s until today. Today, the internet is now part of every business, education and entertainment function.

Technology’s impact always makes things convenient for humans. However, convenience is not necessarily a good thing. Human tools tell a lot about how the human race is about to evolve.

Communication is an important thing, and with communication becoming convenient today, a taste of quick service will mean the same expectation for almost everything humans do in the world. This is one reason why many people today are more impatient, bipolar or have lower attention spans. The quick shifting of information, coupled with daily work functions handled with a breeze, is something people carry over to other tasks or activities.

The internet is not a bad thing, but it could forge impatience and fickleness on the part of many people. Raw and processed information come together in the internet, and with many people not recognizing too many information authorities in the internet, every information, including personalized information, might mean lighter than it should weigh.

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How the Self-Driving Car Can Change Lives

By 2024, the IHS predicts that the first generation of self-driving vehicles will be in full production. This 2014 will be the starting line for automakers to continue the developments of their own projects for self-driving vehicles. So far, everything is looking good according to news sources. Should these cars prove effective, they can change our lives.

GPS Systems

Every modern driver uses a GPS map on their smartphones or has a GPS system installed in their vehicles. However, it could only point out optimized directions for drivers. A self-driving car can optimize the use of gasoline, the proper observation of traffic rules and the less-traffic route for users. It easily makes the vehicle very efficient for their price.

Connected Car Technologies

Given that most of these vehicles will have an advanced artificial intelligence, it can learn about driving and interacting with vehicles through connected car technologies. It could also get information from different locations from the locations of other vehicles using cloud technology to optimize your trips faster.

Lesser Accidents

Given the predicted efficiency of these vehicles, they can reduce the instances of accidents on the road. With traffic analysis and data collection, along with sensors and speed limiters, they can help drivers avoid accidents with smaller margins of error as compared to human error.

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Compensation Claims: Smartphone Road Injuries Aren’t So Smart at All

Smartphones are now an integral part of any professional because it allows them to micromanage many things in their businesses. The usefulness of a smartphone extends to providing maps and GPS services for those driving vehicles while receiving emails on the road. All of this is convenient until something wrong happens.

A workmate of mine was closing many deals for his small businesses and he did this while he was facing the morning rush hour traffic. However, because of his smartphone, he crossed an intersection that had already bleeped red and had his car smashed to the side by a small delivery truck. The truck’s speed left him with a broken arm and a compound-fractured wrist, probably due to the use of the smartphone.

The truck driver had whiplash injuries and a broken rib during the impact.

My workmate then went to file a claim against the truck driver’s company, but he was at fault. Police traffic footage showed his vehicle breaking the law leading to the accident. His insurance company will pay for the driver’s medical bills. The driver’s family worked with a claims expert from and sought for loss of wages and pain and suffering damages.

He said that this was the disadvantage of living in the UK’s compensation culture. I told him that it was just wrong to use the smartphone while driving. I for one believe that there’s a time for everything, and if you had to face great expenses equivalent to the loss of an investor for your company, it’s better with you not getting injured.

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Is this Tech-Oriented Lifestyle Dangerous to Us?

I’ve recently written about why you should try to stay away from smartphones not because they’re useful, but simply because their capabilities could be abused. We can abuse the smartphone’s usefulness when it serves as our addiction to information regarding other people and not just for expanding businesses, finding information and for helping out with maps and other convenient services. However, abusing the smartphone is not possible with many tech-savvy users because it is part of maximizing the technologies capabilities.

I myself own a smartphone. I use it to monitor the performance of this blog you’re reading right now. It has enough applications that can help me see its metric performances and other details important to me to ensure that I can maintain it properly and that my posts are reaching the right audience.

If I intended to abuse these applications’ capabilities, I would have downloaded other applications that would allow me to spam people, message people randomly about links or even implant viruses on the phones of people who access this website.

An explorer with a map would definitely use GPS technology to plot their campsite, the place where they can get food and their next route. However, it is killing the very tradition of exploration where you could only use a compass and scarce equipment to find your location.

Technology can make many things convenient, but it also means destroying certain practices we have developed throughout the years. Do you still remember what we did to pass time when we were kids? It wasn’t browsing through social media reading what people are saying, but it was actually exploring our creative side or doing physical activities.

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Recreational Marijuana Sale in Colorado on its First Day Today

After the US Government had approved the use and selling of recreational marijuana in Colorado and in Washington in 2013, today marks its first day of official selling in Colorado. By law, the marijuana is to have been raised and sold under state law, and only those above 21 years old could buy it.

Colorado’s citizens were only able to buy marijuana only if it comes with a medical prescription. Those selling it today were former medical dispensaries in the state. Anybody outside Colorado could only buy one-quarter ounce and those in Colorado could buy 1 ounce. An ounce of the drug costs around $180-250 dollars.

The law does not exempt tourists and other residents and visitors outside the state, but they are also limited to only one-quarter ounce. However, they might have some trouble finding a place to consume cannabis. The law had made it clear that the substance could not be consumed publicly, which includes sidewalks, restaurants, parks and other public areas.

Those wanting to purchase marijuana will need to pay through a cash-only basis and recreational marijuana will be more expensive than medical marijuana.

Law experts are concerned about how the new law currently creates an oxymoron of individuals because the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 still remains in effect. The law mentioned considers those who possess, manufacture and sell the drug in the country as criminals.

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Staying Away From the Smartphone

Technology gives humanity the right kind of tools to help him or her reach hoops he or she could not imagine to have reached before. Today’s pinnacle of technology is communication. From cellphones to the Internet, communication devices have evolved. However, it had also affected humanity’s persona into something more similar as its tools.

The smartphone is a highly-useful tool that allows you to connect to your network via calling, text messaging or even connecting to the Internet. With the increase of social networking services, people make use of smartphones to see stories about their companions or even interact with them through chat.

Today, you could see people fiddling with their devices wherever you go. Restaurant parties become silent as people take out their smartphones to check up on their friends. Human interaction was greatly reduced, all because of a simple device.

Check up on your lifestyle. The Internet is a vast network of information. Social networks are a great way to catch up with your friends. Use the Internet only when you need information; use social networks when you need to communicate with people. That is all that you will need.

If you’ve noticed that your device dominates your personal life, it might be time that you made the change by limiting or even staying away from your smartphone.

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Some Basic Interior Design Principles

If you’re planning to re-style your house to give it an edge without having to spend so much, re-arranging your furniture and appliances is one way to give more life to your home. Here are a few interior design principles you could use in redefining your home’s internal beauty.

1. Rhythm
Style involves the right amount of details that catches the eye without overloading the visual senses. Rhythm, as in music, creates the mood and feeling. Rhythm in interior design is using identical items in varying spaces or patterns in the design of the interior. You could choose to have them closely-knit or a few spaces apart.

2. Symmetry
A room is made up of great space and if you’ve found your topic or focal point in the design, such as the dining table in the dining room, or the fireplace in the living room, you could adjust symmetry using the focal point as your divider. You could make the room have the same mood on both sides of the focal point, or you could have them different.

3. Mood
Adjusting mood is through the clever use of colours in your works. You could use warmer colours such as green to amplify the mood in the room. Darker colours could give the room a more sophisticated tone. You could mix and match them to convey certain moods that you find preferable.

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How to Recharge Your Life

Recharging your life is simply more than sleeping and taking a good break from the daily grind. To recharge your life is to simply take off your old self and assume a new identity. Many people might find this disturbing, but this is actually a great way to see a new, recharging perspective in life.

As with recharging a cellphone, you will need to drain it first. Be who you are who understands how you feel, what you want, your desires and emotions etc. Once you grow tired of yourself even if it is your natural self, assume a new identity.

This is not a drastic identity change where you change your name. You simply change your personality, the way you look at life and the way you dress yourself. This is similar to being an actor, except, you try to honestly see how a person with the same personality as you could possibly find meaning in the world.

For creative people, this means trying to live a normal life. Creatives are very good because they could produce works that look amazing and unique, but to find this uniqueness, they will need to see what is normal.

So, when you become someone else, once you return to your true identity, you’ll find that you’ve learned a lot of things and that you could use these learnings to recharge your life and reinforce your true self to make it stronger.

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Compound Interests and PPI Claim Refunds

Did you know that you could be owed more than £3000 by your bank because of a mis sold PPI? Compound interests, which increase your loan interest rates, can be caused by your mis sold insurance policy.

You could get compound interest rates on your loan, mortgage or credit card repayments. One claimant in the UK had gained over £65,000 in compensation because as a self-employed entrepreneur, she owned two credit cards for a decade, each mis sold with PPI. A credit card PPI Calculator had estimated that her credit card interest rates doubled because of the PPI.

Clearly, her use of a PPI claim calculator indicates that proving your insurance policy caused the interest spike could be a big problem. Another thing to remember is that bank representatives and call centres will often try to stop you from trying to increase your repayment and will often refuse to look at details carefully.

Bank representatives might claim that they only keep over six years of financial records, or that your insurance policy is not mis sold and if it did incur compound interest to your loan repayments, the repayments will be forwarded to the loan repayment itself.

To sort out this complex yet rewarding redress for compound interests, it is highly advised that you work with a PPI claims management company such as PPICalculatorCo for effective results.

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